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The Dairy Cow breeding farm of “Casalina di Deruta (PG)” is a farming business owned by the Grigi Group.

The daily experience of running the farm helps our company to deepen its comprehension of the everyday problems of breeders.

Furthermore, breeding is used as a “Research and development center” for GRIGI CEREALS, where new products and services for breeders are being tested and developed, thanks to the constant monitoring of fundamentals such as : Production quality, production performance of the animals, growth rate, fertility, milk quality and production.

All this also relates to the specific demands of the Protected Designation of Origin certification processes, and the overall production chain. Within the dairy company, Practical and significant matters are also being studied and thus presented during some refresher courses such as: stable management, animal groups organization, food distribution and management choices. These are highly topical issues that breeders must face every day.


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