[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]tabella_materieThe raw material supply is the major aspect of the whole productive cycle of “Nuovo Molino di Assisi”.
All raw materials must be in compliance with the highest quality standards, therefore, thanks to the large availability of cereal storage, we prefer to collect the local production and directly manage the drying and conservation processes.
All raw materials are sampled and analyzed for humidity and impurity during unloading; they are then stored in appropriate warehouses after sifting or candling.
Consequently, they are stocked in purpose-built concrete warehouses and maintained in their physical and chemical characteristics thanks to a cold air stream blown through air vents by refrigerators.
All raw materials must be GMO free and have to be traceable and retraceable at any to offer higher guarantees not only to breeders, but also to final consumers.
With a storage capacity of 1.500.000 q.li of raw material, in 5 storage centers, The Grigi company is one of the largest italian companies in terms of cereal storage capacity.
In the main factory of Bastia Umbra there are six exhaust holes and 3 sifting plants for the cereal sieving.

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