Agriculture will save the world

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We believe and invest in what has always been our cornerstone. In the next few years, man will ever more be tasked with safeguarding the future through the most important asset we have: the environment.
The Grigi Group is creating cross-cutting production chains in order to adopt a sustainable system that could save us from the worst issue of the modern world: pollution. The consumer, always more concerned by major issues like the environment, the future and sustainability believes in the short production chain which improves the product’s quality but also his quality of life.

The Grigi group continuously mobilizes its resources towards technological development and research for sustainable development. During the last five years more than 20 million Euros have been invested in:

  • Reduction of pollution through the construction of a combined heat and power (CHP) plant
  • Bringing up all installations to compliance with high standards in terms of energy consumption.
  • Implementation of unique cutting-edge productive technologies in Italy

In the future, the Grigi group intends to strengthen the technological and commercial development of its production, in line with existing strategies, aimend at guaranteeing the high level of quality that has characterized the family over the years.

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The social concerns of the Grigi Group

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The Grigi group has always been very concerned with the most widespread social issues and regularly takes part in the support of various associations such as :

  • RoundTable Italia Nonprofit organization, co founder of “telefono azzurro”
  • Istituto Serafico di Assisi supporting the disabled children of Umbria.

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